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Cox's IPv6 DNS server doesn't appear to work for all IPv6 domains.

Cox's IPv6 DNS server,


doesn't do all IPv6 DNS lookups.

Does Cox have an IPv6 DNS server that does do IPv6 DNS lookups?

The following lookup doesn't return an AAAA (IPv6) record:

dig @2600:8800:3300:14d::1 aaaa

Maybe it's something wrong with that specific server, because, e.g., this does return an AAAA record:

dig @2600:8800:3300:14d::1 aaaa says:

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Although your network connection supports IPv6, it appears the DNS servers you are using do not have IPv6 connectivity. There are public free DNS servers with IPv6 connectivity that you can switch to, like the Google Public DNS. (as reported above) can't get an IPv6 record for


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    Geremia, currently our DNS servers are not using IPv6 but are still being updated there has not been a specific date given when it will be changed but you can use 3rd party DNS servers if you prefer manually to get those results.