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Cox/Netgear C6300 Issues

Cox clearly wants you to rent their equipment desperately. I have a Netgear C6300 and the past week it continuously loses connection sporadically and of course when I call Cox, it sounds to their "experts" like a "bad modem", I mean has anything ever been Cox's fault? Not according to them in the 4 years I've had their services. The modem is fine I bought it a year ago. The real problem is that the modem, which conveniently I can't update the firmware for, is the old version. Going to the Netgear site, the firmware version should be V2.01.18 for Cox but the current version on my router is V2.01.14. What a bunch of **!! So frustrating!! 

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    My Netgear CM600, which is perfectly fine and ran for many months, suddenly developed <cough>"problems"<cough>.  Even a brand new CM600 won't operate correctly on Cox's network, although the modem is on their list.  It's all very suspicious.  And yes -- Cox isn't updating the firmware on the Netgears as they should be.  Saw that for myself.  I refuse to pay their rental fees, and have ordered an Arris modem.  If THAT has problems, there will be a giant fit over the phone line and I'll be on the sending end.

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    Yea, same page...its happened twice now to me with two different modem/routers. It makes no sense, why wouldn't they just let the owner upgrade their own equipment as the manufacturer designs? It makes no sense why they would choose to control that aspect. If they tell you, as they did me, some line about "bricking your modem"...why would they care about that? Thats a manufacturer issue, it has nothing to do with Cox! Cox is going down, a slow painful death because they can't adjust to where the industry is sooo obviously going. Can't wait to move services which I'll do literally day 1 it's available. Had Fios once, it was heaven!!

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    To answer this point since it was brought up, devices that interact with a DOCSIS network can cause problems for other customers if they don't behave correctly so with that in mind the firmware is managed from the DOCSIS network to prevent customer tampering. This would not apply to stand alone routers as how they do not have DOCSIS modems built-in.