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New Contributor Gmail alias not sending, SMTP error, can not re-add alias account

I have 5 different accounts that have been in my Gmail as alias for years.  This week, suddenly, 3 of them started to kick back a day later with "Delayed". 

 "Delivery incomplete. There was a temporary problem delivering your message to ....The response from the remote server was:454 4.7.0 ... authentication failure : try again later". 
I have changed passwords in Cox on the emails in question and have been able to login in to web mail fine.  From there they send and are received fine. When I go to change the passwords in Gmail for these particular emails I receive the following error.
Authentication failed. Please check your username/password.
Server returned error: "454 4.7.0 ... authentication failure : try again later code(454) "

One of the 3 emails, oddly, I was able to get it to accept the password by switching to 587 TLS.(instead of the standard 465 SSL) However, this is not working for the other two emails, one of which is my business email.
These emails are still received into Gmail just fine but, again, any emails sent via these accounts via Gmail are not going through.
Thoughts and suggestions are welcome to resolve this issue.