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Cox website slow - or me?

I have been having many issues of late, one of which is when I log into (CHROME or FIREFOX) it seems to take a long time once I enter my credentials until I am actually logged in, and then it usually takes a long time to get to whatever destination I am looking for. Is it just me? I also have had very sporadic internet (hard wired) service. With SPEED TEST I can often see (in the same test) speeds varying from 50Mbs (and above) to less than 10 Mbs. I replaced my gateway yesterday with a new ARRIS  TG1682G so I don't think it's hardware related. I also checked all the internal house wiring and splitters yesterday while I was experiencing extremely slow service by substitution and bypass) and all that was fine (several hours wasted). Ever since the big outage last Friday my internet has been worse than usual (have had issues for years). Sometimes my neighbors have the same issues, sometimes not (their drop is from a totally different service across the street). Presently I am waiting for Tech Support to contact me back about scheduling a service call, but if things aren't broke the day the Tech comes that will serve no purpose. Any ideas? Thanx.

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    For the last couple days our internet service has been great. The tech showed up this morning, and after checking everything, declared the system OK. He did tell me there had been some maintenance/upgrades going on in our neighborhood. It would have been to everyone's advantage if the Techs I was messaging had told me that. I wouldn't have gone to all the trouble of tearing my wiring apart to check it, replacing the gateway and experiencing the general frustration of trying to fix something that was beyond my control.

    Even logging into has been faster, so I am very hopeful our issues have been resolved. With the exception of the online techs not telling me about the service interruptions in my neighbor, I give Cox Tech Support credit for addressing my issues. I hope it continues.

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