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cox voice remote won't pair

my cox voice remote wont pair with the dvr. I have done every little trouble shooting thing like unpair repair. I called tech support they dont know either. they are sending someone out tomorrow. but i really wanted to relax and watch movies today since its my day off. i have three other remotes and i have unpaired them and tried to pair them up to this box but they wont work on this box. but i can successfully re pair them back to their boxes. i have also had the box reset. please help.

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    Since the steps to re-pair the remote aren't working with just this one receiver, the next step will be to replace the receiver. Are you able to pair this remote with one of the other boxes? If so, than the receiver will need to be replaced. If you are not able to pair the remote with another receiver, it could be a bad remote and the technician will be able to replace that also. Please let us know if you still need any other assistance after the tech comes out.