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Cox using data caps to fund running new cable for megablast network

yeah I have to say this bites ... I saw all the other posts too 

and going by the response Cox's claim that only 2% of 

their customers go over the 1Tb data cap is as bogus as 

we all expected and knew it would be. 

Judging by how many people received and responded

to that data limit email today bears this fact out .

Cox did this exact same thing in multiple other states .. 

rollout the data caps with the introduction of the new

megablast fiber optic network ....this is how they are 

funding the cost of running all that new network 


and yes you can increase your data limit to 2tb 

the cheaper by far way to go by getting the magablast ... 

but alas ... no surprise here it's currently

only available in a little over a square mile area lol .. 

so no not an option because it's not 

available yet to probably 90% of Cox customers

well you can count me out it's not free market or 

capitalism it's a forced capitalism

im writing my state and national reps  ... Cox goes to far .. Cox is wait out of control ...

there are things you can no longer do without internet ...

like getting healthcare and finding a job ...things that speak to our constitutional rights ..the pursuit of happiness etc ... it's a lawsuit waiting to happen 

have a nice day Cox 

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    If you do need more data, we are introducing additional data plans soon, including an Unlimited option. New data plans will be available later this year. Options, pricing, and other details will be shared at that time. These plans will help the small percentage of heavy Internet users who routinely use more data than their Internet package includes, and would prefer a monthly rate rather than paying $10 for each additional 50 GB data block as needed.

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    No surprise, their high speed internet is a sham for teamster pocket organization for bigger companies, they threaten end users with termination if you "violate" their agreement policies...stop watching private citizens ""!

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    Nah, the only thing the data caps are funding is bonuses for execs. This won't speed up infrastructure upgrades in any way.

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    So I filed a complaint with the FCC and Cox called me and tried to tell me about how because of people that use high data it slows everyone else down. Basically cox is pretty much no going to tell people how they need to 'manage you data wisely'. This is ludicrous and when they drop the data cap because everyone is so upset they won't have any customers. Only the people that have to remain with them because there is not another available in the area. Cox is claiming that "we expect minimal to no impact for the vast majority of our customers." Why then are there several posts on their forums that are several pages long with people who this is affecting?

    I don't know if it will help but I put together a petition that may not go anywhere but I'm going to try. I have a family of 5 and we are all gamers and streamers. Our games patches can be anywhere from 50GB to 120GB sometimes and Cox with her data caps is basically saying I can't do things in my spare time at home because they are going to charge me for it. I don't care if I get banned from there forums for posting this but I'm going to reply to every single forum post I can find with this information and I hope something can be done. I added the link for the petition. Sign and share if you like because I'm not giving up. I don't fight for a lot but this is one thing that is going to impact my family and I don't like it.