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COX TV Amplifiers??

Looking for suggestions for amplifiers. I have (5) drops now that Cox has gone digital requiring a tuner for every drop. I have 3 HD and 2 SD televisions. My cabling is excellent but my ampifiers are very old and sometimes we get pixilization and loss of signal. Usually resetting the box and or having Cox resend the signal resolves the issues. My question is would a nice 3rd party amplifier be worthwhile or should I have Cox replace the amplifiers or just go without the amplifiers all together? Would splitters be sufficient? By the way, my Internet does not go through the amplifiers, it splits off first from the back of the house and goes straight to the cable modem.

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    I'm thinking the best thing to do for this would be to have a tech come check everything out and see if there is a way to eliminate the amplifiers. Should that not be possible the tech can install them as appropriate.