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cox support phone and chat

Is there a residential Cox customer out there who actually had Cox phone and chat support help them? It hasn't for me. Their pseudo support people just seem as if they don't want to be there or they all wake up stupid every day. Not again!

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    I, personally, have had better luck with sending an email to   Calling Cox or On line chat is just too frustrating.

    I've experienced all 3, and for me, the best option has been to contact them at the above mentioned email address.  They actually do write back, and most of them who write back are also the ones who answer on these Forums, as well.

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    I apologize that you were not able to get assistance on our Chat support. I can provide feedback to our chat team. Please send an email with details and the issue that you're having to We will reply back. Thanks
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    ob,  i have had excellent results using phone support.  They never try to rush me off the phone; they stay with me until the problem is fixed.  Chat has not been as good.  I write out my entire question in the first "chat box".  I get a response saying "You say you are having problems with your internet connection?".   So i have to start all over and re-explain my problem.  The answers seem to come from someone who is doing 3 things at the same time and can't remember who i am or what i am asking.  I never use Chat Support any more.  Overall, Cox Support is good.