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Cox stupid support


6 weeks ago I called Cox because I kept having trouble getting on the Internet.  They said they would have to replace my modem.  I told them my current modem had a battery in it so my phone work when there is a power outage and to send me one with a battery pack.  So they sent me another brand and model of modem WITHOUT a battery pack!!  I had to call 26 cox times over a period of 5 weeks before getting a battery!!!!  In the meantime my internet services sucked.  So I finally replace the old cable modem with the new one and then nothing works: phones, internet,...  So I spend a day getting things to work only to find I can no longer access my home security cameras...  So again I call Cox.  This time I get a completely different story: first the tech tells me the new cable modem is also a router and he tells me my router's configuration needs to be replicated on the Cox cable modem/router (that was stupid and did not work obviously).  Then the tech tells me he is the highest specialized support department for these devices BUT that he does not know anything other than rebooting those devices.  HE has no knowledge or understanding of the device they sent me?????  Then he throws fuel on the fire: he tells me I should never have received that model of cable modem/router!  That Cox should have send me the same model of cable modem not a different kind.  He says he can't get the device they sent properly working and they will send me another replacement for the cable modem/router and it would be the same as the old modem I had.  Now I leave on vacation is a couple of days and there is no way for them to replace that cable modem before I go and as it stands I can not access my security console or my security cameras because of the cable modem/router.  So after 6 weeks and nearly 30 phone calls and over 20 hours of my own wasted time I am not further ahead because of Cox.  I was after them for 6 weeks and still all I got was grief from the Cox staff.  They were ALL unprofessional, inexperienced, clueless, impolite, and of no help what so ever!!!  three of them even sent reboot signals to my cable modem without asking or telling me, cutting my phone lines and internet access.  They treat you like dirt *** and they will tell you to go pound sand all day long.  I despise them all!!!!  I also calculated that I paid Cox over $45,000.00 dollars over the years only to always get the same *** treatment every time I need support.  I could also talk about their pricing practices and they "bundles" which they keep moving around to increase your monthly fees.  Cox is NOT your friend in the digital age!

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    Before anyone scoffs at that $45,000 figure, my family has had Cox, or whichever DBA they were using at various times, for going on 50 years. Might even be a little low.

    The key to using support is not to call support. Use the They reply fairly quickly in most cases. Know what's wrong (Google), know what you need them to do (Google), and politely ask that they do it.

    If you call the support line, they run down a checklist, starting with the easiest thing, i.e., "Make sure your device is plugged firmly into a 110v wall socket".

    If it's an SOS situation, ask for level 2 support as soon as you can.