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Cox spam filter flags e-mail from Cox as spam

This is the ultimate false positive. Most Cox e-mail customers probably know by now that the Cox spam filter is notorious for mistakenly flagging legitimate mail as spam. Well, they have taken this failing filter to the highest level. Today, I received the monthly statement reminder from Cox, and it was flagged by their own spam filter as spam!

Since Cox doesn't seem to want to address the high false positive issue with their spam filter, this post may be a waste of time. However, if someone from Cox will tell me where to forward this spam-flagged e-mail, I'll be happy to do that. And please, don't tell me to forward it to I've already done that,



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  • Hi Tajkkj,

    It sounds like the email contained a keyword or link flagged by Cox's Spam Blocker service. Adding the email address of the Cox statement reminder to your Address Book might prevent this from happening in the future. You have followed the correct procedure for submitting a report of a false positive spam email.

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    Becky, since the Cox spam filter flags these before they reach my inbox, they will still be flagged as SPAM when I get them. I have a filter for my Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail program that looks for the SPAM flag in the subject and moves it into my SPAM folder. Obviously, my spam filter option is to allow spam-tagged subjects to go to my inbox.

    Is it true that someone at Cox looks at each e-mail that is forwarded to is inspected by a human? If so, there might be a chance to fix this. If it's all automated, it will not get fixed unless someone at Cox is told about it. That's why I made my initial post.

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    happened to me when I moved and had to set up new service. I don't normally log into the online mail since I think it's horrible under the new set up and very slow. I saw the message about all my accounts getting deleted if I don't link them to my new account. This was in the SPAM folder and was about a week old once I saw it. Never showed up on my phones email.

    I turned off spam filtering and I get 2 legit companies emails always going into the spam folder. I always miss them as they have timed coupons for me to use.

  • tajkkj,

    All emails sent to are reviewed. It's emails forwarded here that help us fine-tune the spam filters, so please continue to forward any misidentified messages you might receive.


    If you have turned off the Spam filter, all messages should arrive in your inbox. If you are finding emails in your spam folder which are not spam please forward them to

  • I have the same problem as tajkki. I also use Thunderbird to read emails and have been getting at least 80% false SPAM tags. Every day I also log onto the Cox mail server, go to the SPAM folder , highlight the non SPAM and use the thumbs up to say it is OK. In the past this seamed to log the senders address as OK and the mistake was not repeated. That does not work anymore. It appears the SPAM filter is unable to be trained as I believe it used to be.
  • i an going to repost here what i learned yesterday.  after weeks of having all my amazon order email, paypal email, etc. going to spam even after making filters to have anything from them go to the enbox, sending every last one of them to thisisnotspam, flaging it as legit mail...after all of that 

     i finally called monday night, got elevated to level 2 (woo hoo!) and tuesday day got a request for more information. of course, by the time i called back, some one had closed the ticket (they must get a bonus or something), even tho they never talked to me. so the gal i got luckily was a tech who knew her stuff and took me on a little tour (more in depth than the "guided tour") and much to my surprise, we found that there was an ENTIRE PAGE of blocked senders.  most of which i have no clue who they are. none of which i had blocked. except one.

    this area trumps any filters you make and sure enough, amazon, paypal, ebay...were all there.  i trashed them & now we'll see what happens.  i have orders on amazon that should ship soon. let's see where that goes. 

    they need to get this gal to do a video we can watch! and they should have warned about this in the first place. no idea how these sites got blocked here. boy do i feel safe!

    check it out.  maybe cox has blocked the sites you want?

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    Hello Cox Internet Forum,

    If you have turned off the Spam filter, all messages should arrive in your inbox. If you are finding emails in your spam folder which are not spam please forward them to Thanks
  • karen, just know that that does not help if there's a block on the site. please tell people how to check for that first. i had no clue!