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Cox Service Protection Plan

This just showed up on my monthly bill ($6.99).  What is it and does it apply to everyone?  I never ordered or agreed to have it.

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    It looks like you're subscribed to our Cox Service Protection Plan which is basically an inside wiring maintenance agreement that cover any inside troubleshooting work that may need to be done in connection with your services. Our account services team can remove this service if you do not wish to keep it. Be advised however that any service calls you've had in the past 90 days that would have been covered by this service would automatically be billed to your account if removed.

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    Service Protection Plan.  Protecting our services.  Protecting our services by maintaining and troubleshooting the wires in our homes.  Of all connection points from my modem to the Cox backbone, what is happening in my house to warrant such a plan?  Unless I'm addicted to yanking and gnawing on the wires...this is a complete ripoff.

    You should reimburse Rotam.