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Cox Security Suite Activation problem

I am triyng to download the antivirus and i get this:

Cox Security Suite

You are managing email address: null@

Cox Security Suite Activation

Thank you for your interest in Cox Security Suite.

To access this service, you must log in with the Primary Account Holder username and password for your account. The Primary Account Holder online identity is most often the User ID that belongs to the person who purchased your Cox services and whose name appears on the bill. To access Cox Security Suite, please log out and log in with the Primary Account Holder online identity.

Please help

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    Are you signing in with your primary username? It would be the first one mentioned here.

    If you already are, can you access other parts of like the data usage meter? If not, I would suggest contacting Cox directly to have your account looked at. Sometimes if you move or change account numbers for some reason, the email is not properly attached to your account. 

    PS. Do you have any signs of malware? If so, downloading Cox Security Suite won't help. Also, if you need immediate protection, you may consider other free options like AVG, Avast, or Avira. Reply if you would like more info. 

  • You must use your Cox primary user id/email to log in with in order to download the Cox security Site  Powered by McAfee. If you do not know what the user id/email account is for the primary account holder, feel free to reach out to us for additional assistance via Facebook, Twitter @COXHELP, or email: