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Cox screws me over yet again! Thanks for the great customer service!

As many of you have also been dealing with the packet loss issue with Cox cable, so have I been trying to fix this issue for months on end.

Cox sent me a brand new modem and within three days, the problem was back. So customer service tells me that they are sending a tech out to look at things. Okay, but I told the customer service rep that I did not want to be charged $55 for the service call. Despite assurances from Cox that there would be no charge...

"I understand your position. When trouble is outside the home, we maintain those lines and as such do not bill you for such visits. We also have it here in print that we will adjust the cost if you are billed. As it will be the technician who will be on site, we must depend on the technician's expertise to determine the procedure for the visit. Because you have dealt with this so long, we understand you have reservations. It is my hope all is well for you after the visit. Thank you for your time. 


Cox Social Media Support Specialist "

All the tech did when he was out as to swap the cable modem and tell my wife to plug it directly into the wall outlet and not the powerstrip. Guess what....Cox billed me for $55 plus about $10 in other fees.
Awesome Cox. Keep up the good work.
Michael Pietrzak

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  • mikepiet,

    Please be aware that our forums are for customers to discuss technical topics related to Cox Services. Billing concerns, account questions and similar inquiries regarding account specifics should be emailed to or can be addressed by reaching out to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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