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COX San Diego Channel 808 METV changing to CW San Diego

Why on Earth are we changing Channel 808 METV to CW San Diego? We already have a CW Channel 6, But what's more WE LOVE METV, WAY more than The CW. I know I am going to get some Smoke Screen answer. Yet it's Probably ALL About COX wanting too much money. Cox is really pushing customers to leave, SUPER hard, do they even know it? Do they care? No need to answer those. Don't say Contract or Viewership.

Too much too say... Disgusting. One can only take so much. Customer for over 25 Years.

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    In San Diego, channel 808 MeTV is a digital substation of KFMB-TV. KFMB was scheduled to replace the MeTV feed with CW programming on May 31st. It appears that KFMB may have pulled the MeTV feed ahead of schedule. This change was not something we were notified of, nor can we control. We have reached out to the network for more information. We'll let you know as soon as we have more information about MeTV!

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    I am right there with you. MeTV is one of my staple channels to watch. I have never watched CW. 

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    At 11:00 PM PDT 4-30-17 I do see MeTV back up on channel 808. Not sure if this will stay that way. MeTV definitely needs to stay available, on 808 or some other slot close to that. CW is fine so long is it is an addition and not a substitution. I saw a source that said CW would be on OTA channel 8.3 while MeTV would stay on OTA channel 8.2. Maybe that means CW may stay on cable channel 6 instead of XETV (what will become of that channel?) and MeTV will stay on 808. Or, maybe another 80_ spot will be created for CW.

    The MeTV page strangely has San Diego as channel 10.2 instead of 8.2 (for over the air).

    UPDATE: Spoke too 12:00 AM PDT on 5-1-17, there is a repeating loop announcing CW coming on this MeTV again...

  • Hi PadresFan,

    As of 6am (EST), MeTV is working on channel 808 in San Diego. As described in the "News from Cox" section of your April 2017 statement, XETV is dropping its affiliation with the CW network. KFMB is picking up the CW network, so San Diego customers will still be able to enjoy the CW on channel 6/1006. KFMB didn't announce any changes to MeTV on channel 808. Our video product manager will reach out to KFMB today. If we find out that KFMB is planning to change the MeTV feed on channel 808, we will let you know!

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    9am 5/1/2017 and MeTV is back on channel 808. I really hope Cox keeps this channel !!!

  • Hi Everyone,

    KZSD is now providing the MeTV feed on their digital substation (DT2). Often the hand-off from broadcaster to broadcaster is not as smooth as it should be. I apologize for all the confusion this caused!

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    My Contour box will not tune to 808 METV anymore! I rebooted it and still no 808. The MINI Box can get 808.

  • Hi Elpbss,

    It looks like there may have been an issue with the MeTV feed overnight that has now cleared. Channel 808 is now working for me. Are you getting an error message when you tune to channel 808? Press the channel Down button to go to channel 807. Once channel 807 begins playing, press the channel Up button. If this doesn't restore channel 808, please let us know what error message or error number you are seeing.

  • I can't get MeTV using voice. If I punch in 808 I get it. I can't record any programs that are on MeTV, and if I search for anything on MeTv, I get a message saying not found;. I can't get a straight answer from anyone at Cox, but I was told CBS Won't pick up MeTV, but ABC has picked it up. Does anyone know what's going on?
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    It says we ran into a problem try again in a moment or two. The TV guide is now ABC for 808!  The error message has XRE or IRE 03056 in the corner of the pop up message.