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Cox Pulls 3 free DHCP addresses from Resi accounts - No Notifications

Today, Cox Communications arbitrarily removed the service I've been paying for more than 20 years now and told me to pound sand when I called to restore it.
So it seems Cox no longer offers 3 free DHCP ip addresses to their resi clients anymore and to put the nail in the coffin, they are cutting off people like me without notice. To add final insult, they are fraudulently requiring me to upgrade to Business Class to restore the same level service they removed without my permission.

I noticed around noon today the Internet issues in the sons room and the garage, then I traced back to the cable modem, I found after loggin in that it would only give 1 IP address, not the 3 it had done before for many years.
So I call Cox CSR and they said an auditor found the free add-on, removed it and now COX refuses to restore it.

If you can avoid COX, do so.

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  • Hi Jonnybb1,

    I think you have every right to be upset with us! I'm so sorry that this happened without prior notification. I'd like to investigate this on your behalf. I received your tweet, and I'll reply to it so I can get your account information via a private forum.