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Cox primary email inaccessible Outlook 2016


Only my primary Cox email is inaccessible through Outlook 2016. 

I have other email addresses with Cox that are still working with my Outlook 2016 program.

All of the email addresses that I set up through Outlook 2016 have the same email server settings.

Historically, I have experienced very few problems with my cox email.

During the past few weeks however, my primary email has been inaccessible except via cox webmail site. 

I just got off the phone with a cox telephone tech rep, who informed me that my email has not yet been upgraded and then

advised me to contact Microsoft Outlook support for further assistance.

Assuming they have the same settings, if one address works with the same email program, why wouldn't all of them work?

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    With the primary account are you accessing it through the Classic Webmail page or going through the site to view it online? The issue with the specific account if nothing has changed is likely relating to the migration going on with our email servers where it is effecting remote or Outlook access for those accounts.

  • Well, I have no problem accessing my email via the email link after logging onto my account at

    Yeah, nothing has changed on my end.  So it is likely a problem with Outlook access due to a migration change in process by Cox.

    I will speak with billing to receive a credit or reduction on my next bill for this inconvenience.    

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    Hi decipher:

    For the last month, MANY Cox email customers have been having difficulty with some of their email addresses.

    This is due to Cox migrating their email system to new servers, etc.

    There are currently 2 Forums on the Cox's Forum page, addressing tons of complaints about ongoing email issues, no delivery of emails, can't receive emails, can't send emails, etc.

    If you take a minute and read the forums, you will see you are NOT alone.

    Also, many of us on the Forums who have posted there, are also in daily contact with

    I suggest you also email Cox Support.

    If you call Cox Support,  you will undoubtedly speak with a Cox Tier 1 or Tier 2 support person. They will have you change all kinds of settings in Outlook, tell you it could be your anti-virus or firewall, or Microsoft is having difficulty, when in fact, it is none of the above.

    Tier 1 and Tier 2 won't tell you it's a problem with their migration to the new email system and that they are working on the issue, and that they know about it.   (However, if you write to, those folks will tell you it's an ongoing issue they are aware of and have their engineers working on it).

    Most of us have been having the email issues for a month now..............and no fix yet for most of us.

    I have 3 cox email addresses, yet only one of them is having the late delivery or no delivery emails to just my one address......the other 2 are working fine.

    Here's the link to the current Cox Forum addressing all the email issues going on: (Forums called Random Email Failures)

    This second link was "locked" (on June 8th) by Cox before a resolution had ever been accomplished, hence the second Forum (above) was started.  Even though this next link is "locked", you can still refer to it and read through it to see all the email issues so many have been having for a month now.  Very good info on this locked forum.

    I suggest you email Cox at that Cox Help email address, and also join in on the current Forum (at that first link), as we are all keeping each other posted on our email situations.

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    Hi Ed,

    Where are we with delayed emails from the Fed 1 servers to Webmail?

    On going for a month now, no change for most of us.

    I email daily to you, Tiffany, Carol M., Chris, Allan, etc, and I continue to send you headers from Webmail of the latent emails.

    Today, I received multiple email to my Webmail Inbox that were sent up to 4 and 5 days ago.

    PLEASE tell me a fix is coming soon, because it is my "major" email address that is being affected.  My other 2 are fine.

    Please, please..............hope this gets resolved soon.     This week is 4 weeks now.

    Is there anyway to change to a different server (dumb question, probably) for my email address that is having the latency issues?

    Very weird.................yesterday morning I sent myself 6 test emails (directly from webmail) and only 3 of them ever got delivered (to Webmail).  The other 3 are out in Fed 1 Server LaLa Land.  They will arrive, but probably 3 days from now. That's been the norm.

    Please Note:  When the emails that I send FROM Webmail eventually reach my Webmail Inbox, they then get to Outlook almost instantly.

    It's the messages being received into Webmail late that is the problem, not from Webmail to Outlook.

    The issue, as all of you have already stated, are the new Fed1 servers (and other servers) delivering emails late to Webmail.

    HELP!!!!  Please.  What else can be done. Anything individually, for each email, to make the "late" email addresses work efficiently again?  I am up for a phone call from a Cox Email Engineer who is working the issues.


  • No one should ever use an email box provided by the ISP. It makes no sense because one's email address should work no matter how you connect your home to the Internet.

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    I was also having the same issue with Outlook 2016 not setting up correctly with my Cox account.  I called Cox customer support and they were not helpful.  They basically said it was a 3rd party program and it wasn't their problem.

    I contacted Microsoft customer support and they were able to remote into my computer and set it up.  They ended up having to set up the email accounts through the Control Panel.   That is what fixed it.  Thank you Microsoft.

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    I'm using Thunderbird and having similar issues. For the past three days, on two different computers in two different locations and on two different networks, I get messages saying either my iMap server has disconnected or that I have too many iMap channels open at once (I reset the maximum from 5 to 1 but still get this error).

    I tried asking Cox support for help via Chat, but this was worse than useless: a total waste of time, and insulting to both my intelligence and to me personally. (E.g., one agent didn't even know what a CEO is!)

    This seems similar to what people are reporting with Outlook. Does anyone here have some insight on what's happening?

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    Hi Darius, I replied to your later post regarding this matter.  Thanks

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    Per a later message in this thread, I added the primary email account via Control Panel (WIndows 10). Control Panel >> User Accounts >> Mail (Outlook 2016)

    I was using Thunderbird for email.  I was having so many issues lately (since the Cox "upgrades", but that had not occurred to me) that I broke down and purchased MS Office to get Outlook.  Then, I had this issue.  I spent over a half hour with Cox Support in a chat window only to have them tell me it was an Outlook issue. Anyway, I added the primary email via control panel after closing Outlook.  I got an error that the "data file c:\\....ost" could not be configured.  Apparently, it had not been created.  When I restarted outlook it apparently created it and all is working now.  Cox is so pitiful.

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    Thanks for updating the forum of your resolution.