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Cox Please Do The Right Thing and Help Me

Travis Hamn
To whom it may concern:
My name is Travis Hamn.  I have been a loyal customer to Cox for going on seven years now.  Seven years, that long to know somebody or something you would consider family at this point so I would like to consider Cox and I family.  Now if we are to claim this title of family, I would expect family would not be treated the way I have been for the last few years.
Dating back to September of 2015 going into June of 2016  I dealt with 2 outages a day from what they said were "nod outages."  Now although I was credited for these outages significantly it took me going over the heads receptionist/supervisors and more.  I spent six days on the road begging and pleading to be credited properly for this inconvenience at which the company tells me this will be my last credits no more as if these outages were my fault.
Moving on to this past May of 2017 into the middle of June 2017.  Not even a month in span and I have had eighteen outages do to the same "nod" all documented.  I again spent a few days on the phone talking to Cox begging and pleading for more than the $15 credit they tried to provide.  As a customer I expect better from a company I pay over $160 a month.  I recently renewed contract with Cox (i was unaware of) in May.  Had I known this would be a recurring situation it would not have happened.
When I called in early June to get out of this contract and change services they wouldn't allow me.  Although it was under a month since the renewal.  I am not looking for a credit.  I am not looking to part ways with Cox.  I am just looking to get rid of my TV and phone but keep the internet.  Upon talking with Stephanie from Cox she tells me I could benefit from the $59.99 plan which is what my mother has as well and she has been with you guys for over ten years.  That's the type of package I am looking for.  I do not use the TV and I do not use the Phone.  These things hardly work anyways when the "nod" goes out.  This way, my bill with Cox can be sufficient for me and when I do experience these outages I am not feeling like I am being gypped out of money by paying $160 plus for services I can hardly use do to your technical difficulties.  I think this is far.  For a customer who has been loyal and paid over thousands of dollars for these services I don't see the big issue with letting drop down and utilize only one of your services.
I would be more than happy to talk about this further if need be.  You can reach me at the number associated with my account but I prefer my cell xxx-xxx-xxxx at anytime.


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  • Hi Travis,

    These Forums are public, so I edited your post to remove your personal information. Forums are intended for the discussion of technical issues among Cox customers. Since billing and account issues require the sharing of sensitive information, they are best reserved for private conversations. Please email us at with a link to this page and your full address so we can further assist you.