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COX overcharges the Low Income Seniors

I live in Sunrise Are NLV a year ago moved from L.A to L.V needed Internet Connection after an intense search my Husband and I ended up with COX COM. because there were no other Internet Providers where we live!  We are Low Income Seniors, I contact the COX Rep. and asked her if there were lower internet charges for Seniors/ been told that charges for simple Internet started $39.99! We had no choice but accept. That was year ago. After 12 Mo. charges went up to $62.99 I couldn't believe it, $23.00 up We do not have DishNet or DirectTV don't need them, my husband installed an outside Digital Antenna we have all the 66 Channels including Local News. We need a simple Internet connection for PC and our Tablets! It is Brutal, have tried to get another Providers but COX has this area all for themselves. NO COMPETITION. Therefore they charge whatever they want. 

I am not giving up, I will continue to tweet and put posts on Face Book until other Low Income Seniors also wake up and may be all together get the ATTENTION of City Hall! Las Vegas City Fathers should open City all the Internet Providers so that there will be COMPETITION which will lower the Internet Charges! I hope that Seniors where I live read this Post and they also REBEL against the COX COM. If nothing happens my Husband and I go to the City Hall meetings and tell to those Council Members to do something about this!

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    @COX COM Brutal Internet Provider

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  • I was just asking here in KS if there wasn't something cheaper than what I'm paying, $63.59 am month. I am on disability and my income is extremely limited. But I ran into the same problem as you. No other service provider in the area but Cox. If I lived 8 miles in one direction I could have Century Link, AT&T, plus several private providers, all with lower costs. I actually pay more for the internet than my gas and electricity combined. How sad is that? The service is not even what it should be either. I have yet to get the speed that I'm paying for, it constantly disconnects, if I walk outside my apartment, I have no service or it is so week you never get anywhere. The only bright side for me is my lease is up soon and I'm moving into the area where I can choose some other company. Then Cox can kiss me good-bye forever!!! 

  • You said that posting what she did didn't belong here. Why? There was no sensitive issues even discussed except that you charge way too much. Which is the truth. So get over yourself and let people post in the forum what they want. That's why we have the amendments, freedom of speech and press. Maybe you shouldn't work for the company if you can't handle the truth, Cox is way to expensive compared to other companies and you don't get what you pay for. 

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    Hi Sick of paying TOO much,

    We're happy to review the accounts of our customers and address any concerns there are, however, we're unfortunately unable to discuss billing issues in a public technical forum. Send our team an email to Be sure to include your name, complete address, and your issue.