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cox notice for a new modem

Has anyone lately seen a notice from cox to replace a modem for free even though we have a Docsis 3.1 modem Motorola MB8600?

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    Hello! ... Yes, I ALSO received a notice (on my login screen) that I too am eligible for a FREE modem upgrade!  After clicking through another screen or so, there's a promo code with the caveat that 'you're not eligible for the upgrade' - or something like that!  IMHO, this is yet another Cox ploy to get you/us/me to upgrade our service since, per the footnote at the bottom of the screen, we need to have both (BOTH!) IP and VoIP on our account; i.e., Cox phone!  So, I guess we'll sit this one out - like so many other "fine" Cox offers - duh!!!

  • Hello,

    I have reported this and we are looking into it.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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    I get it. I just got a new modem (model DPQ3212) when I switched to digital phone service in late July. The upgrade one is different though. I'd get it but I'm not happy about having to pay $20 for shipping and self-installation. I drive by a Cox Store a few times a week so will stop in there and see if I can pick it up to avoid that fee.