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Cox Network Usage Meter is inaccurate.

Considering we fully stream everything, I decided to actually monitor data usage because they will start enforcing the data cap next month.

Cox's Data Usage claims from 4/11/2017:

My router's measurements: (31360 is the total download and upload in MB).

Its a shame internet monopolies are real. I would have dumped cox a while ago.

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  • I have similar false readings as we do the same for over 2 yrs now,

    they have  100's of documented email access complaints in my area alone in the last month that have yet to be addressed.

    My guess is you'll get a response looking for unneeded info to put the blame on the consumer in some fashion.

    Once you think of Cox as a slumlord, it will all make sense.

    Best of luck

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    Doesn't even make sense. How can they legally charge overage fees when they literally measure the usage so bad. They literally say I used double of what I actually did

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    I'm not able to open those links from our network here at the office. If you have measurements that show the data usage meter is off you can email us at with that info and we'll be happy to submit a ticket to investigate.

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    Due to Cox now enforcing data caps. I'm OUT

    After 9 yrs being with them which doesn't count when I lived here before

    Cox told me throughout all of Cox data caps are being applied and will be charging us if we go over

    What happened to having 2 TB and they cut that in half to now charging over the 1 TB . Nope, can't deal with that ! !

    It's BS!!

    Switching to Century NO Data Caps with them