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Cox is the worst

My internet connection has been unusable for over 2 weeks and little effort has been made to do anything about it. 4 separate technicians have been to my house and only 1 actually did any troubleshooting what so ever. "Maintenance" is supposed to come out and check, but I've heard nothing since Wednesday of last week. If this is how Cox does customer support, I'll be shutting off all my services as soon as I line up TV and internet services from somewhere else.

This is pathetic. Thanks for completely failing at something that should've been fixed long ago Cox. You're the absolute worst.

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  • If you are still having trouble please email our team at and we can take a look to see if the maintenance ticket has been worked on yet. Please reference this thread in the email.

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    I've contacted support a couple times requesting a status on the maintenance ticket, but there's no updates or ETA.