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Cox is down. I called them....

Cox is down.  There is nothing on the website as to why my email isn't working.  So I called and they admitted they were having issues.  Why can they not post that on their website?  Shameful.

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    So what is going on?  All my services except IMAP email are working.  The email occasionally connects.  It started early 12/7/2016 and since then my several accounts have only succeeded sync on MS Office Professional 2010 about 2 or three times (in ~36 hours).  My phone (iPhone7) is working a little better, but still big delays.  This happened about 2 years ago when they first rolled out IMAP and failed to build out for the load.  It took them over 6 months to fix it that time.  Why am I not surprised?


    All COX is saying about it at this point...

    "We are currently experiencing intermittent problems affecting some customers' Email service. You may experience error messages when accessing, reading or retrieving email, or using other email features. You can access email via our Webmail service.

    Due to high traffic, Webmail may be slower than usual. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working to resolve these issues as rapidly as possible.  Please continue to check this page for updates".

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    ExAdmin - where di you see that message? I haven't seen any updates.
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    Because Cox doesn't care! They keep raising their rates and bragging how fast their internet is...What a Joke! 

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    I had to call yesterday to find out why I have been having email issues. Should be posted on their site but it is not.

    Still having issues today. WHEN IS THIS GOING TO BE FIXED????

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    Interesting that there is not even an Email Forum site...  ???

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    Try this link.  It has a map of cox outages.