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Cox is Blocking email from Twitter

I read one forum and the final post said it was resolved.  Bull.  I get NONE of my emails from Twitter in my cox email.  This is THE most frustrating thing ever!!!!  I am locked out of my Twitter account and they will only send the email re-set instructions to that email only.  they refuse to send it to any other because the cox email is the one associated to my account.  What the *** is going on Cox??????  Stop blocking my email.

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  • 100% agree with this.  I created a Tier 2 ticket via the phone, and am on hold to see if they can raise the priority -- don't expect it solved in an instant.  None of the spam blocking settings fix this.

    The original thread is HERE (click link), which was dubiously called solved and closed.  Or just search the internet forum for "twitter".  The hypothesis was that Cox was blocking all emails forwarded from GoDaddy domains/DNS, which I then would assume Twitter is a customer of?

    Anyway, thanks for raising this again, holidaze.  Shameful this hasn't gotten any reply from Cox staff.  I'll post to their social media wall(s) as well to see if it can get attention.

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    Hello bb16yrcustomer,

    Please test on your end and let me know if you see any further issues receiving email from Twitter. Thanks

  • Karen,

    Two things:

    1) This is not yet resolved.  Did you guys do anything or just hope the issue went away magically? I'm not happy about having to go and be your QA department for this, but I've re-tested and it's not working.  See tier 2 ticket number ending in 3915137.

    inline edit:  That ticket may have been closed (without cause). Here is the latest ticket assigned to Atlanta email team, # 3989654.

    2) I came back to the forum to reply to you, but my forum account with two b's "bb16yrcustomer" is not working.  It's tied to my primary email address on my account, and trying to re-register proves that a) the name still exists and b) my email already is associated with a forum account.  So, I had to use a secondary email account and now am using "b16yrcustomer".

    See the original thread that I linked to in my post above and please proceed as makes sense.  There are plenty of clues in there, and this is something you guys can fully reproduce on your own without asking a customer to do this, and then sit on the issue until if/when they respond to you.



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    Hi b16yrcustomer,

    Since we had several ongoing conversations with you through different channels, I'm afraid this post was missed. We certainly want to resolve your concerns. Please clarify which issue has yet to be resolved.