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Cox is Blocking and Deleting ReDirected E-Mails

For year I have been using the same eMail address and redirecting it to my cox account.  - Redirect to the following email address to  This is my PayPal, Wordpress, eBay, Facebook Twitter, Godaddy, Stock Broker, Home Depot etc. etc.

in the last few months you have started to block and delete emails that are real emails.  I have turned off all spam blocking etc. on my account and no e-mails still.  My wife's e-mails no longer personal email that is credited to her are deleted too.   So what ever you turned on is now removing and deleting eMails not just sending them to the spam box but deleting real business eMails.

I call and then get the run around that it is my problem and I should be using a eMaill address and not redirect my professinal eMail.  I severl very unprofessional looking eMail address that redirect to my account for years now and now cox is blocking them and deleting the eMails

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    Does a blank email forwarded from non Cox to Cox get through? Can you send(not forward) a email from that domain to Cox?

    Also, is the domain your forwarding from on any blacklists? Search here. Also, is the non Cox email getting any bounce back messages?

    I don't think any email is getting deleted, but it may be being blocked before it gets to Cox's email servers.  See Cox's postmaster for more info.