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Cox Internet and DirecTV TV

I had Cox Internet and TV Cable for 40 years, until last year. AT&T made us a DEAL to get  DirecTV TV and AT&T Telephone Line Internet for $200 less per month if we signed a 1-year contract for the Internet and 3 Year for DirecTV. Problem was, the Cox Internet was 25 MBS and the  AT&T Telephone Line Internet is ONLY 5 MPS. I called Cox and subscribed to Cox Internet. I was told all I need to do was go to the Cox Store pick up a Splitter and Cable and connect. to have DirecTV TV and Cox Internet. The PROBLEM IS, I have tried MANY different Connections with the splitter, which is a 3-way and has one out and two in. When I originally talked to the Cox Service Tech on the Phone, I was told I  could use the Coxal. I originally thought that I NEEDED two separate Coxal Lines Installed into my Home to have DirecTV TV and Cox Internet. 

Any Suggestions?

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    If you are trying to use DirectTV and Cox off the same outlet, which sounds more like what you are asking, that is impossible even with a combiner. You were right about needing two separate coax lines. This is because Cox uses frequencies in the 800s and 900s. You're going to have to have Cox come and run you a new line or activate an unused outlet somewhere in your house.

  • I still have 2 years left on the DirecTV Contract. I might cancel and pay off the Contract and have Cox Couture and High-Speed Internet Re-Installed. The AT&T 5 mps  Internet **.  I miss the 25 mps I had with Cox. My Daughter has 1 GB Internet through Eatel out of Gonzalas, LA, which makes me Envy. With AT&T, at night we do not have enough bandwidth to stream Netflix or Amazon and constantly being dropped on our computers/Pads.