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Cox installation not performed correctly and needs to be rewired, Cox wants to charge me another installation fee.


I have just spoken with an agent and was informed that I would be charged another $75 full installation fee to have a technician come out and fix a poor installation job that should have been done correctly the first time that I paid for it.  I will explain the situation here.

The previous homeowner(s) had services installed through AT&T as well as cable which may or may not have been Cox, I'm not sure. When the technician came to do the installation for my internet service the job was done very poorly, reusing and re-purposing old, worn and low quality wiring for my new internet service. There is a ridiculous hodgepodge of wires running from an old box attached to the side of my house where it appears one of the old cables was connected to the node that provides my Cox service. This cable runs from that box, into another box, and then into a three-way splitter, and then to my modem.  I have absolutely no need for this wiring nor do I need a splitter as I have only Cox internet service.  This is causing uneccessary and very inconvenient interference with the quality of my connection including massive, constantly fluctuating latency spikes of 1200-2000+ms as well as packet loss and is causing my connection to fluctuate wildly from one moment to the next.  What should have been done (and I should have watched him to make sure it was done correctly) is that ONE cable should have been run directly from my Cox node straight to my modem.  Instead I have a nightmare of wires going all over the place, poorly ground, with old, worn, crimped coaxials and a splitter that exists there for who knows what reason.  Why is there a splitter to begin with, there is a random cable split off from it running to absolutely nowhere as I have no other services and there should be only one coaxial. 

 I need a technician to come out and redo this installation correctly using new equipment as it should have been done the first time, and I am not paying another $75 charge to have something fixed that was done incorrectly.  All I ask is that my internet service be installed the right way, as it should be, with ONE (new) coaxial cable run directly from the node to my modem.  This is not what I paid for the first time and I am absolutely not going to pay more money to have someone come out and do it correctly.  I was told that I had the option of paying another $75 installation fee which I will not do, or sign up for a tech support service for $10/mo which I do not need.  That is not acceptable.  This is not my problem, this is Cox's problem, and Cox is the one that should be fixing it.  I could not tell you why the technician chose to botch this job the way that he did but I am in no way to blame for it and I do not deserve to be charged money to fix it.  The first technician that came to do the install looked at it for five minutes and then said he didn't have the proper equipment, leaving me to have to reschedule for another visit which was ridiculous to begin with, and the next technician apparently decided he would just throw something together and call it a day.  Like I said, unacceptable. 

This installation needs to be redone from the ground up using the proper, quality equipment, and the necessary equipment should be brought along the first time.

Thank you.

- J.R.

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