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Cox Homelife/Security Router Upgrade?

BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): Does Cox have a Gigabit Wifi router for their Security system? Does their system still depend on a special purpose router at all? What are my options?

I have had the Cox Security system for going on 5 years now, and the associated router is pretty old tech at this point: NETGEAR WNR1000 (10/100 150 Mbs Single Band N Wi-fi). Since I can't seem to access the admin console on it, I can't configure it as anything other than a router.

For the last couple of years, I've had it connected to my, also old tech, NETGEAR WNDR3400 (10/100 300+300 Mbps Dual Band N Wi-fi) router which was connected to the Cable Modem. The security system connected wirelessly to the WNR1000 and my devices connected to the WNDR3400.

I'm not a network guy, so some things went unrealized for some time. It never dawned on me that the 100 Mbps WAN port on either of these routers is not taking full advantage of the 150 Mbps pipe from the modem. I was also unaware of the "double NAT" issue with running two routers on the same network, which may explain some "random" issues I've had requiring a reboot. I've only considered all of this recently as I've been having issues with wireless connectivity and thinking about upgrading components.

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  • web.geek,

    Cox Homelife requires a router, which, for the protection of the customer and service is not configurable by the consumer. Typically you'd find the connections to be as follows: Telephony/Internet modem > wifi router > Home Security router. This router must remain installed and cannot be replaced by you. If you need additional assistance with your Cox HomeLife service or have questions about your equipment please call 1-877-404-2568 to reach a Homelife representative.

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    So what is the current model of the Home Security router? Mine (NETGEAR WNR1000) seems pretty old. Also, can the control panel/touchscreen connect to the router through the wired Ethernet port, or must it connect wirelessly? There are tons of wireless signals in my area, and eliminating even one would be beneficial.

  • I just checked and it looks like the latest homelife router offered is a Netgear N300 (WNR2000v5). You can use an ethernet cord to connect, however, the wifi signal would still be broadcasting from the homelife router even if you are not connected to it. Those routers are pretty locked down and I doubt you would be able to login and disable the wifi. Have you already tried changing the wireless channel that your other router uses? That could help if you are receiving interference from other routers nearby.

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