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Cox Homelife

Don't know if this is the correct forum for Cox Homelife issues, but that's exactly the point.....Homelife still appears to be an afterthought at Cox given there is no dedicated customer forums page, hard to find support outside of canned videos.  Options to upgrade are nothing more than to purchase more less than desireable hardware options (camera selection very limited).   

One true upgrade option I believe would be greatly received is ability to create custom sounds for event rules (who wants to hear sound of machine gun or helicopter flutter?) something meaningful like "(Child's name) Door Open/Closed" (I have a handicapped daughter) or "Patio Door Open/Closed".  Also, if Cox does not desire to improve on it's camera offerings, then the ability to use personally procured IP camera's (even if Cox does not offer support for non-proprietary devices) would be ideal.  Finally, while internet connections (Cox's service) has been great, cameras have difficulty remaining connected - thief/car would be 3 miles away by the time I connect to my outside camera.

Are there going to be any "true" upgrades in very near future?

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  • Hello chobe,

    Sorry to hear the concerns with the homelife product.  We would like to address any concerns you may have and assist with any potential technical issue as well.  When available please reach us on Twitter at @CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or at  We will be able to better serve you there.