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Cox HD picture quality seem worse then than dish and streaming

I am wondering if anyone else has the same experience I just switched over to Cox TV after being a dish customer for many years and I am very disappointed in the quality of the Cox TV signal. When I watch my television is on streaming media or dish it looks fine when I watch it on the Cox contour it seems slightly pixelated and just subtly inferior to the other signals and sometimes it's not subtle sometimes it's really noticeable difference. Almost like Cox is broadcasting at 720 signal for a 1080 TV I don't know does anyone else have any feedback on this? Thank you, Jim

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  • Logisnews

    It sounds like the cable that goes to the back of the Contour box is having some trouble getting a decent signal. You shouldn't have any tiling/pixelation. Please send an email to: and include your full address so I can take a look and see what's happening with that Contour box.

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    The picture quality is worse, Cox compresses there signal too much. It would help if Cox would drop some of the pay per view channels and the sports channels that for 99% of the time have nothing on them. Cox is cramming to many channels in and you have to compress the signal to do that. Satellite has a lot bigger signal spectrum to use = better picture quality. Every time I watch Netflix or Hulu in HD it looks much better that cable!

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    I see lines on the noses of the peoples faces Fox News Channel HD on my LG 4K OLED TV!