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Cox Gigablast for Two Story Homes?

I was excited when Gigablast became available here in Chandler since I had Verizon FIOS previously.  When the tech came to install it he said he could not put the modem in my office since my office was on the second floor and he did not have a ladder long enough and did not know of a way to bring it up to my office.  Since my printer is hardwired to the router this was not a solution.  

When I had Verizon FIOS installed they had no problem putting it in my two story home.

Is what the tech told me accurate and Gigablast can only be installed on the first floor?  If so, Cox has limited themselves severely in an area that has many two story homes.

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    A typical FIOS installation involved running coax cable to the gateway modem which is quite flexible and relatively easy to work with. Gigablast require a direct fiber connection to the ONT so that can make for some additional challenges with installation. Another option you could try is running long Ethernet from the ONT to the desired location for the router.

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