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Cox Flex channels

Hi, I am fortunate to get Starter, HBO,,Starz ,Encore and On Demand with my current package but to Flex it a little Why not do Starter with a Premium choice and like 3 or basic Channels like WGN and POP thrown in. They are not expensive channels. I believe WGN nd POP were part of the Starter pkg. before. Thanks

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  • Hi Flex,

    Thanks very much for your suggestion! The channels we are allowed to offer in our video packages are constrained by the contracts made with each broadcast network. Since the broadcast networks own all of the content, they can dictate what we are allowed to offer and how we are allowed to offer it. However, I've forwarded your suggestion to our Programming Managers so your voice will be heard. Thanks very much for taking the time to post!

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    pop is the old tvguide channel and did not have programming 24 hours a day like it does now