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Cox Error Message: "Having trouble connecting to your Cox digital receiver"

We have the Countour system and we repeatedly get an error message saying "we are having trouble connecting to your Cox digital receiver".  When the message pops up we cannot change the channel, the TV is locked on the current channel we are watching (very frustrating).  We have had several techs come out but the issue continues to persist.  I'm wondering if this is a Contour specific problem?  Does anyone else have these issues?

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  • Hi Mike,

    I'm so sorry that this error persists! It usually indicates a problem with the network signal from our equipment outside your home. I know you've had techs out in the past, but I recommend another service call at this time. If you'd like my team to schedule an appointment for you, please email us at Include your full name, address, and a link to this thread in your email.