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cox email rejects email addresses

Can anyone help with this?  My elderly mother who lives in Sun City West AZ switched to cox email.  She can still send email to my email address but cannot receive.  Since I also subscribe to cox, I tried out my cox email box and tried sending a message to it from my email address.  Cox bounced the email back and here is an interesting part of the return message:

Received-SPF: None ( does not designate
 permitted sender hosts)

Evidently, cox is proactively rejecting email addresses. Why is that? I have had this email address for years and not had a single problem.
Until now of course.

Can someone look into this and get this fixed?

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  • Hi Rong,

    I'm glad you reached out to us with this problem! Are you able to post the entire error message so we can see the full header?

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