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Cox email re: Alureon / TDSS Virus

We run Fedora and Ubuntu systems on our computers. I grep'd both machines looking for key words and I didn't find anything. We also use Apple Ipad, but that's running OS X. From what I read, this virus affects windows XP thru windows 8.

Can Cox pinpoint which MAC address on our network tripped the signal that caused us to get the email? Our Epson printer, maybe?

Thanks, Paul Freeman

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    Routers by nature block broadcast traffic and therefore anything that would contain a MAC. As such we can only see the traffic coming from the WAN interface. You can contact our network security team at 800-753-6085 to look up the incident ticket. They may have information concerning what traffic triggered the warning.

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    I see there have been a few posts about Cox email warning of a potential Alureon / TDSS virus including this thread.  You can add me to the list, I received that notice yesterday morning.  There were only two devices in use around the time of the notice ... a Windows 10 laptop and an Android tablet.  The Windows laptop has been protected by Avast antivirus and MBAM Pro since it was purchased 2 years ago.  The Android tablet is protected by CM antivirus (as are all Android devices on my network).

    Since the notice, I have scanned both Windows machines (one wasn't even on the day of the notice) with:
    - Full Avast A/V scan
    - MBAM Pro with rootkit scan enabled.
    - Kaspersky TDSSKiller
    - Avast antiRootkit scan
    - Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit
    all came up negative.  The only device not running an antivirus is an iPad.  Called the network security team at the 800 number posted by ChrisL.  They said to scan the iPad. They did say if the iPad scan was negative, it's maybe a false positive ... nothing definite.

    Asked for a recommendation for an A/V for iOS and was told to use the Cox Security Suite for iOS.  Following the CSS link to the iTunes app store, came up with "McAfee: Private Photo Vault, Backup, Mobile Security and Locate Device"  The description says nothing about antivirus and A/V scan but does include:
    "Keep your personal life personal with McAfee® Mobile Security.
    All you need in one simple solution:
    o Shield your personal memory behind a secure PIN.
    o Take secure photos straight from the app with auto file encryption.
    o Backup your vault files with iCloud and remain encrypted.
    o Backup and restore your contacts across multiple platforms.
    o Receive break-in alerts.
    o Track your lost iPhone/iPad on a map or (NEW) trigger an alarm from your watch to quickly locate your iPhone."
    What good is this?

    Two questions: has anyone receiving this email and having clean scans on all devices, figured out what's going on?  Anyone know of a good A/V scan app for iOS8?  Any other suggestions appreciated.

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    i just received this email this morning and am trying to figure out if it is legitimate.  I have received phishing emails before and just want to know if it is legitimate for 1. I run scans on my computers as well and have not run across this particualar virus.