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cox email problem

I recently switched to imap email from POP on my iPhone (iOS 10.1.1)  and Macbook (OS Sierra) but still use POP on my desk top computer.  Now, emails I delete from my phone or Macbook are removed from the server.  This did not happen when all of the accounts were POP.

I would like to be able to delete emails from my iPhone (imap) but have them NOT deleted from the server so I can download them later to my desktop computer.

How can I accomplish this?

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    You can't. IMAP, by spec, keeps all messages on the server. Once deleted, they are deleted from the server. To accomplish what you want, you must go back to POP3.

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    You really can't - IMAP stores emails and the server, and will delete them from the server when you delete them on any IMAP device.  Your devices *might* have a setting that tells the server to just mark for deletion, and will then delete after the mailbox is purged (usually time based, don't remember how long).

    That is the trade off between using IMAP and POP.

    You can, however, move emails to a folder that isn't the trash - that will allow the POP client to still see the emails, then empty that folder every so often.