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COX Email (MS Outlook) and WEBMAIL are not working for second day 12/7/2016

My MS Outlook running in the Edge Browser on Windows 10 is running very poorly or not at all since yesterday afternoon (12/6/2016).  Today "send/receive" is taking forever and basically not completing.  I also tried COX Enhanced Webmail and there are no new messages delivered there and even though it says "message sent" they are not delivered.

I have made no changes on my end and in a "chat with COX Support" and they tell me there was "some maintenance" with the email servers yesterday and it "may" still be impacting Phoenix. AZ users.  There was "no notification" of this maintenance outage.

Can someone tell me what is going on??

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    Same problem over here in Virginia..... email very slow to come in to our PCs via MS Outlook.....  so slow we are getting error notices.  Tom M sends

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    Cox email working great again here in Virginia on Dec 8th......  Thanks Cox Team......  Tom M sends

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    Email seems to be back to normal this morning (12/8) in Phoenix area.  Thanks

  • Hi Tom and AZwebbie, I'm glad to hear that things are back to normal this morning. Please let us know if issues of this type arise again!

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    anyone in rhode island having this problem??

  • Our e-mail has been very buggy since 12/6 in the evening.  It is intermittent web access at best.  We have multiple devices and PCs that access the same e-mail account.  It has worked flawlessly for years.  Over the past 48 hours, we can mostly receive e-mails on our phones but we cannot on our computers using Thunderbird.

    This morning 12/8 service was restored for about 2 hours, then went down again at 8:30am.  It seems to be logging in ok, but it hangs on "recieving XX of XXX" and never downloads the e-mails.  Meanwhile our phones at times will bounce back with 'sign-in authentication' errors, then it will pull e-mails 30 minutes later just fine.

    I tried to reach out via Twitter on this matter and call in to tech support.  I'm running out of places to find a solution to this issue.  

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    I can get into COX webmail, but suddenly can't access my email via Droid or Outlook.  I've made no changes.

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    Hello Thia_M,

    Are you still having trouble with your email? We were experiencing some server issues recently.
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    Any word on what caused the "server issues"? IMO either Cox purposely moved them or they were hijacked. Both situations require transparency from Cox. If Cox moved the email servers, then they just gave all of Cox's customers email to a unknown 3rd party without any of their customer's permission.