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Cox Email Connectivity Problem

Can someone offer suggestions on how I can get my laptop Mac Mail to connect with Cox Email again.  It is no longer accepting my password in order to make the connection.  I have verified that the password is correct by logging into Cox Webmail.

I have looked at all of the support instructions.  They all seem to be 2 Mac Operating systems out of date and the one that is there starts out with instructions about an IMAP connection and then switches to POP instructions half way through.  Unless you know something about standard IMAP and POP port numbers, you would never be able to follow those instructions either.

I am trying to connect through Cox as the ISP.  This connectivity worked previously, but apparently no longer.  I have tried discarding the  preferences file and rebooting the laptop.



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    Mac mail has a history of going wonky after updates. If you have your email set up as imap, all you need to do is remove the account and re-add it. Otherwise the settings listed are pretty much the same no matter the OS version, it's a mature standard. Common mistake #1 - the username is the first part of the email address (before the ) Common mistake #2 - password are case sensitive