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COX email been hacked ?

I am still getting a couple returned emails a day ... it appears the COX system/email manager has been hacked and someone(s) is using the emails in the COX account to send out lots of emails.  Is there a place in COX I can send one of the returned emails with the header/tracking information to help COX?

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    Bounced emails (ie emails from mailerdaemon etc) usually indicate someone trying to spoof the from: address on spam.  It *normally* isn't an indicator that your account has been hacked - I own a couple of domains and you couldn't imagine how many of those messages supposedly originate from or go to email addresses that don't exist.

    Here is Cox's help article regarding reporting spam etc:

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    Select the email and click on the SPAM button at the top of the page on your webmail.  You don't need to provide any information, Cox knows what to do with it.   You only need to worry if everyone on your Address List got spammed. That means that the bad guys did get into your account.