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The COX e-mail servers are generally unresponsive and drop connections.  I'm SO tired of watching the wheel spin on webmail, or of seeing "Outlook not responding" in MS Outlook.  This is nothing recent: it has been going on for months, if not longer.  When are you going to start paying attention to your mail server performance, and get it fixed?  

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    Same problem here in Fredericksburg, Virginia.....  problem started here on afternoon of Dec 7th, 2016.......  Tom M sends

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    We're currently having problems here in Phoenix, AZ - neither pop nor webmail work.

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    Not working here in So Cal either.  it's not just Outloook.  My gmail can't pull stuff off the server either.

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    Email not working for 93117 at least for past day and I wonder if I have missed emails previous to that?  Called and rep said email servers would be fixed in a few hours, 12 hours ago!  Email via kinda works, but slow.  Other internet and cable works, but will be expecting a refund for the hours and hours my Thunderbird email program has not received emails.  Hope I have not missed any Lightning Discount sales.

  • Hi Everyone, our mail team is investigating an issue currently impacting our WebMail servers. I, too, am experiencing the same symptoms that have been reported on this thread, so I understand the frustration this is causing. Please know we are working to resolve the issues as quickly as possible. To help us troubleshoot, please email with the following information:

    1. Your full name and address
    2. Primary Cox Login (example:
    3. Affected Cox Login
    4. Impacted device (PC, Mac, mobile phone, tablet)
    5. Operating System of impacted device (Windows 10, Windows 7, OS X, iOS 10, Android 7, etc)
    6. Are you using Cox WebMail or using a mail client like Outlook, Mac Mail, or Thunderbird?
    7. If you know how to access your email account settings, please also include the incoming and outgoing (SMTP) mail server names.


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    I am on the east coast and having issues getting mail via outlook. It started yesterday.

    But I am on the EAST COAST (RI).

    Are those servers affected by this outage or is it just the WEST coast?

    All I need is a yes or no.

    Thank you.

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    Cox email working great again here in Virginia on Dec 8th......  Thanks Cox Team......  Tom M sends

  • Hi RicT,

    I'm on the East Coast, also. The issue doesn't seem to be confined to the West Coast.