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Cox Contour Apps

How come when I download the cox contour apps, and then when I started watching the tv listing on my tablet and cell phone in different location ( not at my home ) im getting a message saying that I can only watch at home. And then I tried different wifi and still getting the same message.

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    Them b the rules ... you can only watch on the Cox Contour app on your home network.  Not commenting if it's good or bad but those are the rules at this time ... personally I find it kind of useless.  You can use other network's apps, like ESPN GO, on any network as long as you subscribe to that network on your home tv service.

  • Hi Nognog,

    Use of the Contour app is limited to your home network at this time due to television corporations’ broadcast rights, which vary by network. Each network places limitations on the content we can offer customers when at home and outside the home. Stay tuned! We are working to add more out-of-home content throughout the rest of the year.