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Cox Compatible Telephony Modems

In a search of the forum for issues about replacing the free cox modem that comes with using cox phone service, I read the following reply from Cox:

"Andrew is correct in that you may not purchase a telephony modem for Cox use. We do provide telephony modems at no cost for the time you may be subscribed to Cox Phone Service."

I was looking at the possibility of buying a compatible modem to improve performance since I want a 16x4 or higher device because the free Cox modem 8x4 doesn't offer the performance I need.  

I see in the list of compatible modems two that DO have telephone ports, the ARIS Surfboard TG1682 and the TG2472.

Will these not work with Cox phone??


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  • Hello,

    With our phone service, we must provide the modem.  As we need the ability to control the firmware and any config updates needed to maintain the service.  If you rent this modem and use this for your data service, and wish to have a modem that has the ability to grab the other available channels to improve your connection.  You can spit the modem leaving the phone alone and purchase a stand along modem on your own.  Then contact us to have it added to your account.  Then ask for them to remove the monthly rental fee as well.  We hope this answers what you are looking for, but if not please let us know so we can help.


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    Thank you, Danny.

    If I did buy a second modem, would it be the first one that my coax cable goes into and then the Cox modem is split off from it for the phone?  Seems like if the Cox was the primary, running from an 8x4 to a 16x4 would still limit channels to the 8x4 capacity.


  • You would just need to have a 2-way splitter and then connect each modem to an output of the splitter. The modems themselves will then lock onto the proper amount of channels.

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