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Cox compatible Internet and Phone Modem


I was told that I can purchase my own internet and phone modem with built-in WiFi (Cox Compatible) and return the Cox modem to save on the modem rental fee on my monthly bill, I appreciate your input on outside model(s) that I can purchase....I.e. via amazon, ebay, walmart, bestbuy, etc...

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    that is wrong cox does not allow customers to own the phone modem who ever told you was incorrect  cox rents the phone modem for free.  What you want is a standalone modem and router

  • Hi TVfan35,

    I apologize for any misinformation. Andrew is correct in that you may not purchase a telephony modem for Cox use. We do provide telephony modems at no cost for the time you may be subscribed to Cox Phone Service. If you would like a telephony modem that has WiFi, there would then be a rental charge of $6.99 a month (single band) or $9.99 a month (dual band).

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    Great - thank you, for the clarification Andrew and Nichole.