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Cox Communications Copyright Infringement? Go *** Yourselves!

Cox sent me some ** about copyright infringement for using torrent downloaders...

well i have something to say to cox....

*** you Cox Communications, how dare you harass me with copyright infringement notices after i payed you my hard earned *** money, i recently downloaded a Time warner movie, and cox snitched me out to time warner probably cuz Time warner's got the internet companies in their back pockets.

Ya i downloaded a movie for free... soo what? these people who make these movies make assloads of money from the box office proceedings alone. screw them they aren't going to stop people from sharing media freely.

i will be canceling my service with cox soon since they like to harass the little guy in the name of bigger corporation interests. i will be giving my cash to some other company who understands customer privacy and how to shut the *** up and leave me the *** alone when it comes to what i do with the internet connection i pay them for...

take your copyright infringement notice and shove it up your *** cox communications...

ps. *** you, *** you, *** you, *** you!


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    Cox doesnt monitor were not likely snitched out by them.    The media companies hire agencies that track torrent completions and your IP address.  So even encryption wont work since they join the swarm.   Then their legal department is notified to reach out to Cox or the ISP that owns your IP address.   They are required by law to forward to owner.     You may get away with downloading a little movie, but a big company like cox needs to be strictly compliant with regulations regarding DMCA matters. 

    If you go to any other ISP and are so unlucky to join a torrent swarm that has some of these rogue fake users in it..monitoring your progress --- you will get exactly the same notice from them too.        

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    Maybe i gave Cox a bad shake, still i'm angry tho. if the media companies are harassing me over a $5 dollar movie that they probably made millions on during its theatre release then they can just go piss up a tree. blood sucking vampires running around trying to sue people when they literally control a large portion of everything we see on a day to day basis, as if they don't make enough money!!! 

    Thanks for the info, i didn't know that Torrent Swarms full of fake ips that are actually media companies monitoring peoples torrent usage exists... ill be sure to research this info so that i know what to look out for in the future!

    My apologies to Cox for ranting and wrongful accusations!