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Cox Cloud Drive no longer starts upon reboot

For a long time Cox Cloud Drive automatically started when my computer rebooted and backed up our critical files every hour.  Now I have to start it manually each time I reboot, and I forget half the time (and my wife doesn't know enough about online backup to remember).

Did I lose a registry key, or something disappeared from the startup scripts, or ...?  Any idea how to repair this other than simply uninstalling and reinstalling (I prefer not to set it all up again, it was a while back and I'd have to figure it all out again).

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    You can change the scheduled time for back up in the Settings option. Please note that constant backup of files will increase your data usage. It's possible that's why the setting was changed. Please let me know if you are not able to find the settings option.

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    The problem is not that it fails to back up, it does that fine.  The problem is that the application does not START when my machine boots, and it used to do this (for years).  How do I get the application to start when my machine boots?  It works fine if I start the application manually, but my wife and I always forget.


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    Depending on your version of Windows there are several way to configure programs to run at startup manually. Beyond that reinstalling would be the most effective way to restore any installation settings that may have been lost.