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Cox Cable Box

I had to exchange my tv cable box today because it keep turning off and rebooting several times a day. When they were giving me the exchanged box, the lady asked if I had any other issues. I told her yes and I said that my internet(Cox Also) keeps going out everyday between 1-4 in the afternoon. She asked the normal BS questions, is your modem and router up top date. I said they are both new within the last year and her response was "OH I AM SORRY" . That's it! That's all the help she would offer. I then told her I guess I am stuck with your internet because no other is offered in my area. So my question is what the *** kind of customer service is that????????????????? I then told her I have had service people out several times and it works ok for a week then back to the same. She handed me my new box and said have a nice day. This is why Monopoly's are bad, No where else to go for internet so your stuck.

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    Representatives at the Service Centers aren't trained or hired as technicians.  They're trained for sales, equipment knowledge and low-level tech support.  Sometimes you'll meet a skilled representative at a Service Center...but that'd be an exception.  I wouldn't expect a Service Center to resolve any service problems.