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Cox cable box

I am being charged $8.50 a month for a cox cable box receiver.  I live in Las Vegas and cox is switching over to digital in September and we will need to rent the cox mini box for all other TVs.  Being I don't use the features of cox cable box receiver, can I turn it into cox and just go with the cox mini box for all TVs for $2.99 each month?

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    Thanks for reaching out to us through the Cox Forums! So that we can address your specific account questions, we'll need to take the conversation offline. Please email my team at with this post, your full name, address, and the Cox PIN. Thanks

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    You can swap boxes to control your monthly bill.  If you're currently under a contract, such as a Price Lock Guarantee, you'll incur a penalty for "lowering" your services.  I'd wait until that contract expires before swapping.

    Also, there are some limitations with the mini box, such as channels.  If you have the Advanced TV package or subscribe to a premium channel, you can't watch those with a mini box.

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    You can't just have the mini box.  You have to have a bigger $8/mo receiver before you can have an additional $2.99 digital receiver.  And all of those receiver renders your TV useless and makes it a monitor only.  And the COX tuners are slower than your TV tuner.

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    AZ_Cassidy, what do you mean by "all of those receiver renders your TV useless and makes it a monitor only"?  How is your TV useless?  Do you mean it disables any smart tv functions?  If so, no it doesn't, any Cox box, mini or full, has no effect on the smart functions of your tv.  If you only mean two way communication with Cox head end, you are correct.  Any channel, like on demand, requiring two way will not work with the minibox and require a full digital receiver.