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Cox Cable and DirecTV?

I am currently living with my folks, who recently got rid of Cox Cable and signed up with DirecTV.  I wanted to keep Cox Cable so I could use my Tivo.  I went to a Cox Connections store, where my parents and I signed up with a Roommate account where I pay for Cable (and internet that isn't being used, but that's my choice), and they are paying for internet.  Since this change has been made, I am not getting any TV channels and my Cable Card box just blinks non-stop.  Is there a way to have a house wired for both Cox Cable and DirecTV?  Is this something I can fix myself or do I need to have a technician come out to fix whatever is wrong?


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  • mintyfreshlisa,

    When you signed up for service on your Tivo at the Solutions Store was an installation appointment set up or were you scheduled to self install the equipment? The thing about having 2 providers in the home is that unless service is installed professionally we are unable to guarantee which (if any) outlets would be activated when the service is turned on.

    Email your account info, details of the problem and a reference to this forum post to and we can take a closer look at what's going on. I suspect we might need to set an appointment for you.