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Cox Bundle Visa Prepaid Rebate Cards

So I'm not sure which forum to ask this in but this seems as good a place as any.

I just signed up for a new bundle and was going over the paper work for the rebate card and I noticed some inconsistencies that are throwing up some red flags. I'm hoping someone at Cox can clear this up. I'm posting this here as this issue should be relevant to anyone who signed up for this package recently.

Some background, currently Cox is offering two triple play silver bundles with two different rebate offers at the same price. This is somewhat confusing but here are the  details.

1) Cox Silver Bundle w/ Contour Record 2 DVR (109.99/mo)

For 24 months
Includes FREE pro install,
Contour Record 2 DVR,
a $300 Visa Prepaid Card
HBO, SHOWTIME & Cinemax.

2) Cox Silver Bundle with Phone (109.99/mo)

No contract required!
Includes FREE pro install,
a FREE HD receiver rental,
$200 Visa Prepaid Card.

I signed up for the first offer, because hey its a great deal and way better than what Verizon was offering me and the 2 year hitch didn't bother me.

However when you go to the fine print (Offer Details & Terms)  the second bundle has text explaining the rebate offer.

To redeem, visit by  with your new Cox account number and complete the online redemption form with offer ID 90371

The first offer does not mention a rebate at all or indicate a correct offer ID which with to redeem such rebate despite advertising such. Also the fine print for Offer 90371 makes no mention of a silver bundle with a $300 reward which makes me think either this has been mismarketed or the offer number hasn't been published.

So the ultimate question is, what is the correct offer number for me to use at so I can get my $300 reward as promised?


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    This forum is for technical issues only. For privacy reasons, if you have billing questions, you should contact Cox directly. 

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    There is nothing about this question that requires disclosure of private information by either Cox or myself.

    All Cox packages and the rebate offers and terms that go with them are  published on their website I'm just asking for a clarification of that public information because the information on the site is inconsistent. 

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    You are asking for a billing clarification. This is a forum for Cox users to discuss technical issues, not billing. You may find someone with a opinion on your matter, but if you are looking for a official word, only Cox could tell you. If I knew the answer off the top of my head, I would tell you, but I would rather not misinform. 

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    Hi Devman,

    This Forum is for technical issues. We can look into this for you. Please send your information to

    Cox Support Forums Moderator