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Cox Broadcast Clock

All my recorded programs record the last 12-15 seconds of the previous program and miss the last 12-15 seconds of each recorded program. I could manually tell each request for recording to adjust the beginning and ending time, but that's too frustrating and would interfere with other programs immediately following the recorded programs. Is there a way to adjust the Cox clock to confirm to the timing of broadcast programming?

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  • Hello,

    The box uses the guide information to determine when it should be recording. Is the guide showing the proper time for the shows or are the shows running beyond the time listed in the guide? This can happen a lot when the broadcaster pushes a show to the very last moment before the next show begins. Also, sporting events have a tendency to go over the listed times in the guide. Also, is the time on the box correct? You can also power cycle the box to force a reload of the guide and see if that helps.

    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator.

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