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Cox Blocking Emails

I have been trying for 2 days to get a verification code from Apple.  Cox keeps blocking their emails without my approval.

Should I switch to Century Link for all my internet and TV accounts?

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    Cox works diligently to minimize the amount of SPAM emails our customers receive. From time to time events can occur even on legit mail systems where unusual amounts of SPAM are received causing a block to be placed so as to get the situation under control. If the sender's mail system is getting a rejection message it'll contain information that the mail administrators for said system can use to get unblocked.

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    I would rather you blocked the emails I get from Nigeria, than blocking the ones I really have use for.  That is, unless you think you know better than I do what I need.

    The last time I checked, I am paying Cox over $3000 annually for business services.  If they won't let me do business with Apple, I have no use for Cox.

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    I'm having the same issue with daily newsletters often being blocked or delayed lately while v!agr0 emails are promptly delivered.

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